Horseback riding at the 2024 Olympic Games: Saint-Lô wants to be a training centre

The equestrian events of the 2024 Paris Olympic Games, show jumping, dressage and eventing, will take place in Versailles.However, teams will have to find places to train.The equestrian centre of Saint-Lô hopes to be one of the preparation centres offered to delegations.He applied.”Saint-Lô is an ideal site.We’re not too far away and we’re not too far from the heat,” says Yann Adam, director of the equestrian centre, who believes that he has every chance.

If it is selected by the organisers of the Games, Saint-Lô will still have to convince the federations to choose it as a rear base.Riders, their horses and accompanying persons must be present several weeks or even months before the competitions, in particular for health reasons.”The international horse-ball and show-jumping competitions that we are hosting this year will be an opportunity to showcase our strengths,” says Yann Adam


In order to give itself every chance of being chosen, the cluster will be carrying out developments.The big quarry, where the main outdoor events are held, is going to be expanded.This will allow for more selective courses and adherence to Olympic standards.The work is scheduled for the end of the summer, after the Normandy horse show.


The saddle is one of the most important elements in horse riding. A saddle that does not fit your seat will result in a poor body position, which may affect your horse, causing discomfort and injury.

Often expensive, the saddle can be bought second-hand, which allows you to spend more money on all the horse’s ancillary equipment.

In order to choose the right second-hand riding saddle, it is necessary, as for a new saddle, to know your needs, your level of practice and the morphology of your horse (height, weight, etc.).

Also think about the specificities of your discipline because there are saddles adapted for show jumping, western riding, mixed riding, competition, dressage, or for equestrian endurance, etc…

From a technical point of view, it is important to take into account :

  • the size of the saddle and tree: the size of the saddle, often expressed in inches, can vary from 15 to 18 inches depending on the size and morphology of the rider.
    The size of the tree, which determines the degree of opening of the saddle, depends on the morphology of the horse, particularly its withers. For a fine and prominent withers, a narrow tree will be more suitable and vice versa.
  • the shape of the seat: the choice of the shape of the seat will depend on the morphology of the rider and his preferences. It can be hollow, wide, flat, narrow, etc.
  • the material: there are either synthetic saddles, which are lighter and easier to care for, or leather saddles, which are more durable and limit heating but require more care.