Wildlife Removal Information

fdeadlyraccoonAnimal pests such as squirrels, bats and raccoons can pose a serious headache especially when they invade your home, yard or the attic. Some of the most effective ways of dealing with such pests is through exclusion techniques, and live-animal trapping. The other methods of humanly dealing with animal pests include using repellents, motion detectors and placing moving objects on the yard. The main concern about bats and raccoons is that they can cause rabies in humans. Squirrels can pose a big nuisance to the backyard, especially if you have a bird-feeder or a garden. Squirrels can eat the birdseeds and ruin your vegetable crops, and even get
trapped inside the house sometimes. Squirrel removal Chicago methods can be carried out successfully through the following techniques; removing squirrel food, setting-up squirrel proof mesh on the bird-feeder, putting up a garden fence and using a squirrel repellent. Outdoor cans can also be tightly sealed to deny squirrels access. Squirrel foods such as berries, nuts, and tree-corns should be swept up from the yard as these are their main sources of food. Because of thumbs_57their craftiness, squirrels can be prevented from accessing the bird-feeder by setting-up a grip mesh. The garden can also be protected by putting up a garden fence; wire fences should be placed deeper on the ground to prevent squirrels from digging their way into the garden to dig up bulbs and tear-up vegetables. Today, there are several natural squirrel repellents that work effectively to keep squirrels away. One Raccoon removal Chicago technique has proven very effective is using fire. However, it is also important to clean the area around your garage and yard. You can purchase metal cans with lids that are able to stay tight and attached to the can to prevent raccoons from tipping them. The cans may also be reinforced by placing heavy objects on top of them. It is also essential to clean the cans using running-water from the water-hose to keep the smell off the trash can. The other method of keeping raccoons away, is through identifying the entry points in the house. Once discovered, a metal mesh is placed and sealed using foam-gun reinforcement. Bat’s may be considered beneficial to have around as they are known to feed on mosquitoes and other nasty bugs, however, when they set-up their nest where they do not belong they may pose a big problem. Bats are best evacuated during the right season in order to ensure their survival and total elimination. Bat removal can also be carried out by identifying and blocking access-points. Homeowners are, however advised against using poison or related items to control animal pest around the yard and house as these may posse danger to them and also because stray animals can turn aggressive if cornered. It is always important to contact an expert pest control professional in case you are not sure about which exclusion or elimination method to use, and also if you suspect that the animal pest in question are diseased.